Training and Seminar

Operations, Management, Team

This training is to develop the team mind in business development, cost reduction, quality delivery of financial records, digital marketing, organic marketing, and core operations process

Get a Business Strategy Session and two months of free mentoring.

Cost: ₦75,000 one-off charge. 2hours, 30mins Training Session


General Training of Human Resources. This module covers communication, crisis management, riders management, repairs and maintenance, customer relations, record keeping, and general operations process.

Get a business plan and two months free logistics operations audit

Cost: ₦100,000 one-off charge. 3hours, 30mins Training Session


This training is to develop internal and external communication skills, customer relationships, and customer value, bridge the GAP in customer relations-riders, customer relations-operation team, and customer relations-customer relations.

Get a two-month free logistics operations audit

Cost: ₦75,000, 2hours, 30mins Training Session.


This training is specifically for riders with a core emphasis on communication behavior and motivation.

Cost: from ₦15,000, one-off charge. 2hours Training Session


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